Wild Salmon Policy Comes Year Too Late: Better Direction Could Have Saved Fraser River Sockeye

“If the Liberal government had listened before to the experts and devised a wild Pacific salmon policy we could have averted the disaster that struck the Fraser River sockeye salmon harvest this summer,”. “Three separate Auditor General reports, industry stakeholders, and the Conservative opposition in Parliament had demanded a salmon policy, but the government did nothing.  Today’s draft policy is little more than damage control – a late response to the government’s own mismanagement. If the Liberals were serious about protecting wild salmon fishery on our coast they would have had a management policy in place a decade ago.”

“The Fraser River sockeye salmon fishery has suffered as a consequence of the Liberals having no clear objectives for the conservation of wild salmon. They have had no goals for escapement and acceptable risks for managing the fishery. Without a clear vision for sustaining wild salmon it was only a matter of time before a catastrophe hit the industry. The government has allowed politics rather than scientific facts guide decisions affecting the fishery; there has been a lack of enforcement and the Fisheries Department under this Liberal government has done little to stop the use of illegal nets.”

“Last week the Liberals refused to support a Conservative motion requesting a judicial inquiry into this summer’s sockeye salmon harvest. An independent inquiry could have established why over 2 million salmon failed to reach their spawning grounds and helped to ensure it never happened again. However, the Liberals were not interested in the truth, undoubtedly afraid the blame would be laid at their feet.”

“British Columbians deserve better management of this vital public resource. Not only are salmon an important mainstay of the BC economy, but they are a symbol of our province. That the Liberals waited until disaster struck before formulating a policy is an insult to all British Columbians. If left to their own devises the Paul Martin government would mismanage the fishery into extinction,”. 

Myths and Facts You Need to Know About Your Auto Insurance Policy

When applying for an auto insurance, we have these established beliefs that we know to affect the rate of our insurance cost. We tend to be hesitant of the application because of several factors that might increase the estimated cost of securing the policy. Because of the power of internet however, insurance companies are now accommodating queries online, like the site of https://www.mcdougallinsurance.com/belleville/auto-car-insurance/. Because like you I’ve always been curious, I gathered data and listing them down below.

Myth no. 1 – There is no such thing as regulated insurance, companies charge what they want.

For every state or country, there’s a set of regulations. Insurance companies are mandated to submit computations and other data on how they determine the rates charged per customers. These rates are studied and insurers cannot unreasonably price a contract policy.

Myth no. 2 – An auto insurance policy covers me from any accident or theft.

This was what I’ve always thought was real- that my car insurance covers accidents such as collision and break-ins. As explained, collision is a different policy and can be purchased as additional. Chances are, you purchased the minimum insurance policy required by your location, and so review the stipulated terms and then see if you are covered by other kinds of accidents. Update and purchase an additional policy, it’s what insurance is for.

Myth no. 3 – A comprehensive insurance can cover all damages and protects me as a driver.

A comprehensive insurance policy has greater coverage than a standard car insurance, but it does not protect you from all things. It’s coverage include protection from weather damages such as hail, floods, protection from theft, vandalism, fire, and even collision with animals. Collision with another vehicle is not included in the policy.

And now for some real information:

Fact no. 1 – Getting your car insured when you live in the city costs higher.

The city life presents more risk than car owners outside the city. There’s more traffic, more motorists and sometimes parking space is insufficient. There’s also greater chance of theft within city confines therefore insurance rates go up.

Fact no. 2 – Any accident can increase your insurance rate.

Even if you were not the cause of the accident, or you were not the one driving the vehicle, your car is still listed and is therefore a reason for the insurer to increase your policy rate.

Fact no. 3 – Credit scores are used to determine discounts and rates.

If you think a different insurance company can charge you lower rates and not look at your previous records, then you’re probably wrong. Most insurance companies review credit scores or information about their clients to determine the capability of payment. If you have a record of always paying on time and leaving little to no trace of debt, then you’ll probably have bigger discounts.

These myths mentioned should be not a limitation for us to study our current insurance policies, rather it should motivate us to apply for higher premiums where necessary for our own safety. The facts on the other hand will guide you on further understanding the auto insurance world. Change your perception of auto insurance- it’s an investment, a savings account, your safety buffer

Chair Canada-India Interparliamentary Friendship Group: Will Use Group as Vehicle to Improve Canada-India Relations

“My goal as chair is to facilitate greater understanding and improved relations between Canada and India and their people,” . “We need to build upon the strong historical ties between our two countries to secure a long-term positive political and economic relationship.”

“There is the potential for a promising relationship between Canada and India – we share a common colonial history; a commitment to democratic values, federalism and multiculturalism; and an international agenda of peace and security. With over one million Canadians of Indian origin, they are becoming an increasingly more significant part of Canadian society. Indians have strengthened the multicultural fabric of Canada, actively participating in the social, cultural, economic, and political development of the country.”

“Decisions of our current Liberal government have weakened bilateral relations with India. After India’s 1998 nuclear tests, the Liberals rapidly voiced their condemnation, placed political relations with India on hold, and imposed several measures on India to demonstrate strong disapproval of the tests. While I successfully lobbied for the restoration of diplomatic relations and the removal of sanctions, Canada had already become almost irrelevant to Indian foreign policy.”

“We need to bridge the gap between Canada and India and enable a true friendship to blossom into reality. I envision the Canada-India Interparliamentary Friendship Group as an important vehicle for accomplishing this goal,”. 

British Columbians’ Christmas List Grows Long: Federal Liberals Play Scrooge When it Comes to Western Needs

With the holiday seasoning fast approaching presented to Parliament some of the many demands of his constituents in the form of a “Christmas list.”

“My constituents want more resources for police to put a stop to gang violence, grow-ops, break and enters, and auto theft,”. “They want laws with teeth and a justice system that works with police instead of against them. People I speak with demand federal funds for vital infrastructure projects, be it the South Fraser Perimeter Road, the Port Mann Bridge, Fraser Port, or more efficient and reliable public transportation for the Lower Mainland.”

“Residents of Surrey and Delta would like an end to waiting lists and staff and bed shortages at Surrey Memorial and Delta hospitals. Watching food banks flourish, they feel the government can do more to provide jobs and affordable housing for the poor and the homeless in our communities. As well, money needs to be found to buy and protect the final 422 acres of Burns Bog.

“The Martin government must stop its dithering and reopen borders for the free flow of softwood lumber and beef to American markets,” continued. “We need and deserve an efficient immigration system free of political interference; and an elected Senate with fair representation for BC and the western provinces.

“Finally, my constituents demand a government that recognizes the supremacy of Parliament and lets Parliamentarians – not judges – decide issues that matter most to Canadians. And there must be an end to the absurd political correctness that robs Christian holidays of their true meaning.”

“I wish all Canadians a Merry Christmas, and may all your Christmas wishes come true,”