British Columbians’ Christmas List Grows Long: Federal Liberals Play Scrooge When it Comes to Western Needs

With the holiday seasoning fast approaching presented to Parliament some of the many demands of his constituents in the form of a “Christmas list.”

“My constituents want more resources for police to put a stop to gang violence, grow-ops, break and enters, and auto theft,”. “They want laws with teeth and a justice system that works with police instead of against them. People I speak with demand federal funds for vital infrastructure projects, be it the South Fraser Perimeter Road, the Port Mann Bridge, Fraser Port, or more efficient and reliable public transportation for the Lower Mainland.”

“Residents of Surrey and Delta would like an end to waiting lists and staff and bed shortages at Surrey Memorial and Delta hospitals. Watching food banks flourish, they feel the government can do more to provide jobs and affordable housing for the poor and the homeless in our communities. As well, money needs to be found to buy and protect the final 422 acres of Burns Bog.

“The Martin government must stop its dithering and reopen borders for the free flow of softwood lumber and beef to American markets,” continued. “We need and deserve an efficient immigration system free of political interference; and an elected Senate with fair representation for BC and the western provinces.

“Finally, my constituents demand a government that recognizes the supremacy of Parliament and lets Parliamentarians – not judges – decide issues that matter most to Canadians. And there must be an end to the absurd political correctness that robs Christian holidays of their true meaning.”

“I wish all Canadians a Merry Christmas, and may all your Christmas wishes come true,”